Mint Cards number two and three now available but supplies becoming very limited.
25 ETH Denver attendees received complimentary Mint Cards, Feb. 2018 from the pool of #2 and #3 cards.
240 CoinFestUK 2017 attendees received complimentary Mint Cards in April from the pool of #2 and #3 cards.
Out of the total 396 #2 & #3 cards printed, 156 cards remain and are being distrubuted regularly...
Purchase a unique card by contacting @MintcoinShop on Twitter or MintyAllDay AT gmail. Shipping is free worldwide.


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The Mint Lotus ALPHA promotion is now over. 15 Mint Lotus Alpha cards exist. Congrats to the holders.
Note that the language on this page can update at any time as things develop and clarifications are added.

Introducing the rare MINT LOTUS (ALPHA)
A collectible and tradable paper wallet card with game play options. The rare alpha Mint Lotus will ship as a functional paper wallet with public and private key, making it much easier for anyone to hold and trade mint without the need for a software wallet. 54 Mint Lotus Alpha cards were printed. 15 Mint Lotus cards exist currently in the hands of friends and mintcoin contributors. 39 cards were destroyed or "burned" as documented below. The Mint Lotus will not be re-printed. The Mint Lotus Alpha promotion ended on Jan. 1, 2017.

About me
I've hosted some of the early bitcoin Meetups in the NYC area and worked in the BitInstant office addressing customer service which involved the handling of customer funds. I'm a long term mint holder and contributor. As a mint team leader and crypto enthusiast I'm interested in the progression of our eco-system for everyone's benefit. This project will allow an easy entry for new crypto users as well as educate and entertain thru game play themed around these exciting crypto technologies.

Specs and details
Similar to a Casascius coin, your private key sits under a tamper evident hologram. The Mint Lotus will ship enclosed in a thin, pocket sized hard case slipped into a green velvet pouch suitable for any crypto wizard.
Card stock weight and feel are superior in comparison to a similar gaming card. There is almost a reinforced plastic feel to the card but it is paper based.
Card addresses and keys were created on an offline computer with a freshly wiped disk and new OS. USB does not touch this computer and immediately after address creation the lone disk was pulled out of the machine to sit on a shelf. Public addresses are printed directly on the cards and I will keep a record of public addresses if verification of authenticity is needed for customers in the future. This does not mean I will keep records of whom has what associated address. Consider that the third party card printer is aware of the public addresses and these addresses have passed thru multiple online machines during card creation. Private keys are printed by myself on the offline machine with an offline printer. This printer will NEVER go back online but may be used to print future keys offline for future cards. This printer will never be re-sold or compromised and will be boxed away if it isn't printing keys at that particular point in time. Eventually I expect the printer be destroyed completely at my hands.
After the private keys are printed onto their associated tamper evident stickers, I will import the keys into another offline wallet using ONLY the re-formatted and printed actual key. This wallet will be deleted but I want to make sure that all private keys are working as they should and that the user will be able to read the key correctly. Private keys will be DELETED after the cards are assembled for security. For now, I WILL NOT KEEP ANY RECORD OF PRIVATE KEYS. The area where assembly and all of this takes place is a private space. I will be aware of cameras, windows, mics, and other methods of potential compromise.
I have no interest in your personal info and I have no particular plans to log any info such as your shipping info or further information. However, consider that I also do not regularly purge data. If I can refine my methods to more undoubtedly prove or improve my trustworthiness or effectiveness, I am very interested in those ideas and suggestions.
Holograms and the associated private key are applied manually. There is a lot of room for improvement in regards to this portion of the card. Holos are a bit too big and yet do not cover the private key as adequately as I'd prefer. Holos are not completely centered. Many of the cards exhibit a bit of a small gap where the underside of the private key meets with the bottom straight line of the holo. BURN videos will show some of these design flaws in more detail. This is an ALPHA collectable. Please consider these flaws before buying.
If you receive a card from me I will include multiple layers of security which should show any potential tampering during shipment. If your buying from a third party I cannot guarantee or confirm anything other then the public address being valid from the original Mint Lotus pressing and other various design details which could validate if the card is OG.

The initial Mint Lotus card will cost $25 USD for U.S. customers. International orders will cost $45 USD based on the higher cost of shipping and rigidity of the hard case. Mintcoin payments will cost less at 650,000 mint ($20 USD) for U.S. customers and 1,300,000 mint ($40 USD) for international orders. International orders can forfeit the hard case and reduce their overall cost for a total of 1,140,000 mint ($35 USD). Other cryptos and payment methods will be considered based on individual situations. Cards will ship via USPS First Class or USPS Registered International (Additional First Class costs with hard case) and come with tracking. P.O. boxes REQUIRE crypto payments.
Note that pricing can change at any time.
I expect future releases to be less rare in comparison to the mint lotus and hope to bring costs down as development is refined and adjusted.

The future
Game mechanics are still being considered but I expect to add other coins/card wallets to the game at some point. Further concepts being considered include rare loaded lottery cards and cards that mint without the need for the user to run a wallet. Beta card is already in development and will allow product revisions based on your feedback.

Your needs are my greatest concern. Not only do I want to bring you a fun and collectable game but a secure and convenient paper wallet that you can feel confident in. Your feedback will drive future versions of the game and influence all improvements. I want your feedback from all aspects: art, security, game mechanics, marketing, customer service, etc.

How to get a rare MINT LOTUS (ALPHA)
Alpha cards will be released at a rate of 1 to 3 per day during the month of December until all cards are exhausted. To get a chance at a Mint Lotus you'll want to follow @MintyAllDay on Twitter for further instructions. If you're lucky enough to have the chance to purchase a card then you'll have roughly 48 hours to work with me and resolve your payment. All orders will ship within same or next day after payment is received. If you are unable to make arrangements to complete your transaction within a reasonable timeframe then your card will be released back into the wild for another user to purchase. I'd love to be able to get your cards to you by Christmas so I'm open to any needed shipping upgrades that you'd like to add. Good luck minters! :)

How to import your Mint Card into a mintcoin wallet
Your private key sits underneath the hologram on the card and is essentially THE code which keeps your funds safe and in your possession. Keep this in mind when you expose your private key. Once you've installed the latest mintcoin wallet you'll need to make sure your wallet is FULLY unlocked. This means that when you unlock your wallet, you'll want to make sure and UNCHECK the box which unlocks for minting purposes only. Go the Help menu and click Debug window. From here you'll want to be on the Console tab. In the Console area you'll want to type the command, importprivkey YourPrivateKey. A successful import will not give a particular success message but does not spit out an error. You should see the newly imported address under your Receive coins tab in the main part of the wallet. Note that importing private keys can tax the wallet client on occasion. After you've waited a reasonable amount of time, consider restarting your wallet if it becomes unresponsive. When you re-open the wallet you should see the new address!
Note that this procedure works very similarly in other crypto currency wallets like bitcoin.

Explain to me like I'm 5 years old
We are like bitcoin but without excessive energy consumption and the need for specialized mining hardware. You can hold your mintcoins on a computer, but you can also hold your mintcoins on your Mint Card without a computer entirely. :)

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---------- 54 Mint Lotus ALPHA cards were originally created. 15 cards are left in existence as of Jan. 2017. ----------

1. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( MigdcxX8JCusQSwgJjst4VF1cLUkNkfGBo )
2. COMP: Fuzzbawls (Mintcoin Team Developer) RELEASED
3. COMP: crzybilly (tester & compiler) RELEASED
4. COMP: ( website contributor) RELEASED
5. COMP: (Design and art contributor) RELEASED
6. COMP: MintyAllDay (Mint Cards creator) RELEASED
7. COMP: MintyAllDay (Mint Cards creator) RELEASED
8. BURNED: Photo COMP: (Previous mint dev) ( MhCpHutQTeuKNUiSrHFwodwMDurMh5Rpvs ) UNCLAIMED
9. COMP: (Third party dev) RELEASED
10. BURNED: Photo COMP: (Previous mint dev) ( MbuaAV3zmszJxMMQ4e2Upxz3Ucj3vMDujw ) UNCLAIMED
11. SOLD
12. BURNED: Video on Periscope ( MZJS8g8fJa1rAwJpQDKsVbUyqzNGMBAJSq )
13. BURNED: Video on Periscope ( MmUuow47yn627omuJT5umUDwjzLcaKcGaB )
14. BURNED: Video on Periscope ( MssKtq1rUDcvWdEw3sDN7bX5me9NjqjDws )
15. BURNED: Video on Periscope ( MfBRbz9tCveRchmngtBxJ8EaaKfLUWwSLK )
16. COMP: (crypto Meetup organizer) RELEASED
17. BURNED: Photo Expired sale in mintcoin on Cryptopia ( Mcffabc9nLZn5Jm5zed7G1p5KZ2rkKkeU6 )
18. BURNED: Photo COMP: ProHashing (Mint explorer provider) ( MdzQ4zKjRK2psPcVCfdQftSh1TVAYBWF1v ) UNCLAIMED
19. COMP: coolbeansMINT (social media mod) RELEASED
20. BURNED: Photo ( MYrk6juYwS2gHXFVPVp2TsNkXqt8VK7ieX )
Photo ( MqV2PnTFRA7W5tTJ62Rspz9KyuKNaiXck8 )
Photo ( MhHUv32u1JPVTU41e5sHKdWTPDA5yzQAcf )
Photo ( MhoGutWVV5R47bMHxzhYP2HTd6WaXdp4by )
Photo ( MoJoPjdFSu7RmT6YTrAVXuyrmKXWdtawSb )
Photo ( MdqnXKc1zKVAoHBZVzohJTz9NJbPPbyUQv )
Photo ( MnQDGiRsRayh9gw7rutHkDq5kDKoxm14r5 )
Photo ( MbJV1kg94WY9pQd36sBcKEaTCPdUDgwtK4 )
Photo ( MfFe2zCFnCc71hEiDUUJo3zrRdPELG25pz )
Photo ( MiqXHn5YHzUXSpykf5xUbhWt84yqGaViGp )
Photo ( MiLMJSES4q1ouYUhs8VHUdgEMnotAWLBoQ )
31. BURNED: Video on
Youtube ( MZhVSRFzcn1BZU2nFcLyJ92TBzsqMgn3oQ )
32. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( MrfRj14xZkXPwCksLTNRHPDHrzLktEhHrm )
33. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( McVRNWk6VTMsD76kqzaVpoXyh3Z1HnsTmV )
34. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( Mggd62RuvJwpAennfPyCGgHBvQpYu6jvfF )
35. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( Mn1hTH7LiobjRnez9NnnP7s357eupJ2dJr )
36. BURNED: Video on Youtube ( MrNqGtaBBtYHmfTbjE7VRi296z8Fb9JBBL )
37. BURNED: Video on YouTube ( MjqeW1wAyzks1DuQb7KY57iZhppZE3237F )
38. BURNED: Video on YouTube ( Mi5EX3ZznXRjBGPKgxzLiB6YxM4sxCQF9X )
39. BURNED: Video on YouTube ( MrpcBNqqMWDWpQzcf3yAJgTLcbQ3cEvMBF )
40. COMP: CryptoCloud Hosting ( host) RELEASED
41. BURNED: Photo ( MqrxsyVjWzH1L7U1W97cN5jhtTpDzcT23F )
42. BURNED: Photo ( Mf8XsJX5a2yG7xHXaM5Ko33qMF7yZD5tzL )
43. BURNED: Photo ( Mii5mAMvmhWUA8kGrRkHAQhSBrUJtcj9SG )
44. BURNED: Photo ( MamdSzJy4NNCxxbHNwu7UAvsyzai9zt7Wu )
45. BURNED: Photo ( MrfLzUdLD5az5dZjd7RT1Wg3wqEwSag5Y2 )
46. COMP: Future crypto nerd (Lil' minter) RELEASED
47. COMP: Future crypto nerd (Lil' minter) RELEASED
48. COMP: Future crypto nerd (Lil' minter) RELEASED

49. BURNED: Photo ( MvUqVm38ySKVxj77LK8sZNELVRXCCj4GWw )
50. BURNED: Photo ( MbF57SaeGrBw8ks5BvvvU1v2MDw1oefES1 )
51. BURNED: Photo ( Msbzi7QeSqizLfWRgXNvnu9nMvTb1ygB26 )
52. HOLD for future giveaway
53. BURNED: Photo ( Mqs2L2V5ePVBxXkyFv9LPXrmmf4BVoWqkx )
54. BURNED: Photo ( MaazZmfPbxXYQao4csqZnC8ohiwE2DTmod )

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