Minty mintcoin, fresh since 2014

Aug. 8, 2014 by CryptoMommy

What is PoS?
PoS: Proof of Stake.

What is the line Stake in wallet?
It is for the PoS blocks. Once a PoS block generated, some of your coins plus the generated interests will be moved to “stake”, it is like “immature” for PoW. It will take 50 confirmations to mature, after mature the coins plus interests will be added back to your balance.

What does that mean in the wallet : Minting suspended due to locked wallet?
This says you can not do mining due to wallet encrypted.
you need to unlock the wallet in order to mine (for example for PoS blocks):
mintcoin-qt -server
mintcoind walletpassphrase <passphrase> <unlock_duration_in_seconds> true
still unclear? read this post

Do I have to let my wallet open to get PoS coins?
PoS will be generated after at least 20 days holding of the coins in your wallet. You don’t need to keep the wallet open all the time. The coin-days accumulated in your wallet will not be lost. The next time when you open the wallet client, the internal miner will start automatically and if the coin holding period meet certain requirements the pos blocks will be generated based on the coin-days in your wallet.

How often do I have to open the wallet in order to get PoS coins?
See above. You don’t need to open wallet all the time, your coin-days accumulated in the wallet will not be lost.

Why I can’t sync?
Use addnode in the conf file. The addnode list and sample conf file are posted above.
If you use Windows, the Mintcoin config dir is usually at c:/users/*yourcomputername*/AppData/Roaming/MintCoin, in which you should see your wallet.dat and peers.dat files. If the mintcoin.conf file is not there, create it using the above example (you don’t need to include all the addnode lines, include some will be ok). Restart your client, you should be in sync within a few minutes.

You said 20% interest per year, do I have to wait 1 year to get the PoS interest?
No. PoS blocks will be generated after you hold some coins in your wallet for certain period of time. For MintCoin the minimum requirement is 20 days. If you move around the coins (for example send to other wallet and then send back), the time will reset for those moved.

The PoS generated coins, are they eligible for new PoS block generations?
Yes. After maturity (50 confirmations), the coins will move from “Stake” to “Balance”. Once the PoS generated coins in “balance”, they will be the same as all other coins, and are eligible for future PoS generations.

What will be generated total PoW coin number and what will be generated PoS coin number?
After 5 weeks PoW mining, there will be 20 billion PoW coins generation. Afterwards there will be some small number of PoW coins continue to be generated (at 1 coin/block). The PoS generation 1st year is 20%, 2nd year 15%, thrid year 10%, and subsequent years will be 5%. If maximum PoS generated (meaning all coins mined held), then after about 20 years there will be about total 70 billion coins generated in total (for both PoW and PoS), which is the max money allowed. In normal situation where there are coins transferred around, the time max money will be reached will be 30-40 years or more.

When I transfer some of the coins from my MINT wallet, are they the newest coins or does it disrupt the proof of stake process of my older coins?
Any “moved” coins the pos time (coin-day) will be reset for them. It will not affect other “unmoved” coins in the wallet. The PoS will be generated if there are some coins in the wallet satisfying minimum requirements, and the amount generated will be based on the coin-day the total eligible coins have in your wallet.

What is Coin control?
When you send MintCoins to someone else, the MintCoin client chooses kinda randomly which of your addresses will send the coins. With coin control you can exactly choose, which of your addresses will be the sending addresses. And even more specific which of your unspent outputs will be the sending inputs. This allows you to spend the MintCoins with the lower coin age, and so earn more coins by optimizing your minting.